Wednesday 17 November 2010

Internet Law Expert: Defamation of Character - How to Get Rid of a Bad Review? | Internet Law | Legal Briefings

Defamation of Character - How to get rid of a bad review
Online reviews can be regarded as defamation of character whenever one or more parts of a review is factually inaccurate or is misleading. By not telling the whole story, the author of the review may create an impression which is far from being a reflection of the true position.

Aggrieved customers tend to put forward a one sided story about their experience with a vendor which means that readers of the review are not being told the whole truth. The point that I am making is that information which is given in part can be as libellous as an outright lie and therefore defamatory, which means that the victim of such review might have a right to sue in court for libel.

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