Tuesday 21 December 2010

Divorce Lawyers: Pensions and Divorce

Divorce Lawyers: Pensions and Divorce
During a divorce, the Family Matrimonial Home is often considered the largest asset to be divided. But what about a pension scheme?

A pension scheme may well prove to be a person’s most significant asset.But even if not, the law provides that the partner who is financially worse-off (usually the woman) is in fact entitled to a claim in their ex-spouse’s pension rights.

This fact alone makes it worthy of far more careful consideration than many give to it.

The obvious first step is to receive a pension valuation from your pension provider in order to see just how much money it is worth. This amount is crucial as it may influence which method of dividing up your pension you choose, which as considered below, can take a variety of forms… Pension Sharing - PERCENTAGE The most popular method of dividing up a pension....Read more on Pensions and Divorce by London Divorce Lawyers

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