Friday 10 August 2012

A Curious Response by Twitter following a Request from ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson

National Media in the United States has today reported about Twitter’s initial refusal to abide by a request for information relating to an account used by an anonymous user, who threatened to blow up the theatre where Mr Tyson was performing a one man show.

The position taken by Twitter was that the threatening Tweets were not sufficient enough to invoke their emergency disclosure procedures, which forced the Police to obtain a formal subpoena from a Manhattan DA, to force Twitter’s hand. This response is strange, and not in keeping with the general modus operandi of Twitter, as such I cannot really fathom the reason for this.

Here at Bains Cohen, in our experience of dealing with Twitter, be it for the provision of identifying information via a Norwich Pharmacal Order, the service of an emergency injunction to prevent private material from being tweeted, or the immediate shutdown of an account used to harass, bully and intimidate a client, we have always found them robust and expeditious with their assistance.  Our relationship with Twitter is one that we heavily use when dealing with issues emanating from the micro blogging site, hence my unease at the time taken by them to deal with the Mike Tyson issue.
Let us hope that this is not a sign of things to come.

John Spyrou
Media Law Expert
Bains Cohen Solicitors LLP

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